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Egress Windows

An egress window is a window you can use to exit in case of emergency. While egress windows are required for every ‘habitable space’ in a home, in most cases people looking for egress windows need them for a basement bedroom or living room.


City of Milwaukee egress window code

The City of Milwaukee follows the State of Wisconsin Building Code for residential buildings. You can find the details in Statute SPS 321.03 which specifies exit requirements from different levels of your home.

You’ll need a building permit to install egress windows. If you’re installing basement egress windows you may need additional permits to dig or expand a window well.


Lowest-cost egress windows in Milwaukee

We have extremely competitive pricing on egress windows for every level of your home. We’re able to offer the lowest prices on egress windows from the best manufacturers in the business including Marvin, Silverline, Provia and more.


Egress window types

Any style of window can be called an egress window as long as it’s large enough to meet the requirements. This means you can use a casement window, single or double-hung window, or sliding window as an egress window.

Egress windows must open from the inside and be free of security bars or grilles. The type of egress window best for your home will depend on factors like how much light and airflow you want, your budget, and which room and floor it’s going in.


Egress window installation

We’ve cherry-picked the best window installers in southeast Wisconsin to serve our customers. Our partner contractors offer a free initial onsite measurement and installation estimate, and we stand behind every job.

When you get your egress windows installed through Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door you can rest easy. The professionals we work with have a thorough understanding of egress window requirements. They’ll pull all necessary permits and make sure your egress windows are energy-efficient, safe, and up to code.


Buy egress windows in Milwaukee or call to order

We can order any type of egress windows you need from our store in Milwaukee. We also take orders over the phone, and deliver throughout the Milwaukee metro region (and farther). You or your installer can also pick up the windows once they arrive.

Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door also offers egress window repair and replacement parts, subject to availability.

Contact us online for a free quote or visit our Milwaukee showroom to shop egress windows:

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