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You have a world of choices for interior and closet doors. We make it easy to find stylish, high-quality interior doors that work for your budget and your home. Whether you need to replace a single door or are looking to buy interior doors in bulk for an apartment building, Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door is your best resource.

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Types of interior doors

Interior doors come in many different styles and can be used for rooms or closets. We have extremely competitive pricing on quality interior doors from leading manufacturers.

Interior doors by construction

Pre-hung doors

Single or double doors with hinges already attached and leveled within a frame, usually precut for door hardware installation.

Slab doors

A blank slate ready to be customized. Slab doors don’t have any hinges, frame, hardware or precutting.

Flush doors

Flush doors have a completely flat surface without any design details.

Panel doors

The surface of a panel door is divided into anywhere from 1 to 6 panels for aesthetic appeal. The panels can be vertical, horizontal, raised, recessed, and in a variety of shapes.

Solid core doors

Wood doors made of solid wood or completely filled with wood composite. Solid core doors are strong, durable, and offer more soundproofing and fire resistance compared to hollow core doors.

Hollow core doors

Hollow core doors can look like solid core doors, but they have cellular cardboard on the inside. They’re cheaper and more lightweight for easier installation.

Interior doors by function

Hinged doors

The most popular type of interior residential door. Hinges can be placed on either side.

French doors

A pair of swinging doors with hinges on either side that open from the center.

Sliding doors

The door slides on an upper or lower track instead of swinging open.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors are sliding doors that go into a hollow space in the wall when open.

Barn doors

Sliding doors that move along a rail mounted on the wall above the door, instead of on a track.

Folding doors

Bifold doors fold in half when pulled open. Accordion doors have multiple folds. A popular choice for closets or entryways with limited space.

Interior doors by material

Solid wood

The most expensive and durable type of interior door. Available in different wood species with a variety of wood grain patterns. Superior soundproofing, but can warp with humidity.


Medium density fiberboard is engineered wood made from wood fibers mixed with resin. MDF interior doors look and feel like wood doors (but without a grain pattern), cost less, and won’t warp.


Glass interior doors have a wood or metal frame around glass or a mirror. The glass can be in single or multiple panes, and can be decorative like frosted, textured or etched.

Custom interior doors

We can custom order interior doors in any size and style you need. Choose your color and finish or order them primed and paint them yourself.

Whether you have a specific design in mind or need help navigating your options, we have the resources to make customizing your interior doors a satisfying experience. Please allow up to six weeks for custom ordered doors.


Interior door hardware

We carry a complete range of door hardware including knobs, hinges, handles and more.

Interior door repair

We repair interior doors at our store in Milwaukee. If you need door repair at your residence, we can refer you to one of our partner contractors.

Interior door handle

Buy interior doors with delivery or carry out

We have a great selection of interior doors in stock and ready to buy. We also take phone orders with a credit card and offer delivery throughout the greater Milwaukee metro region and beyond.

Contact us online for a quote on interior doors or visit us in Milwaukee to get started:

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