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Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are made up of an array of individual windows that extend past the exterior walls of your home, giving you more light and space.

Bay windows in Milwaukee

Bay windows vs bow windows

The main difference between bay and bow windows comes down to size and appearance.

Bay windows are usually made up of three windows, often a central picture window with a casement window on each side. This arrangement is more angular and works well in spaces 40” wide and wider.

Bow windows have four or more windows, often a series of casement windows though the style can be customized. As the name suggests, bow windows are more curved than angular. They project out farther and offer a better view. They work best in spaces at least 80” wide and can even be installed on a corner.


Bay & bow window options

Both bay and bow windows are available in different styles and shapes such as casementpicture or double-hung – fixed or operable.

You can choose the angles for your bay or bow window, ranging from 10⁰ (a gentle curve) to 90⁰ (a box bay window).

Bay windows come in plenty of standard and custom sizes. In general, you’ll find replacement bay windows from 3.5 to 10.5 feet wide, and between 3 and 6.5 feet high.

Choose from a wide range of material, color and hardware options to customize your bay or bow windows:

  • Vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, composite and wood
  • With or without screens
  • Head and seat boards
  • Custom colors and stains
  • Multiple finishes for bay window hardware
Bay and bow window options

Bay window brands

We carry bay and bow windows from leading manufacturers including Marvin, Provia, Silverline and more.


We’ve been dealing in bay windows for decades and are happy to help you discover the best brand, style and material for your project and budget. Our established relationships with manufacturers means lower prices for our customers.



Support structures for bay and bow windows

All types of bay windows need support – either from steel cables bolted into the frame overhead, or from braces below the window.

Cables are nice because they provide support from inside the frame where you can’t see it, but they’re not available from all bay window manufacturers.

If you’re installing bay windows for the first time there are some additional considerations. If there’s no roof overhang where you want your bay window, you’ll have to build a roof skirt over it.

It’s important to get bay window installation from an experienced contractor to get the support system done right. We’ve cherry-picked the best window installers in Milwaukee to provide window installation services for our customers.


Buy bay & bow windows in Milwaukee or call to order

We can order bay or bow windows in any style and size you need. Once your windows arrive you or your installer can pick them up, or we can deliver throughout southeast Wisconsin and beyond. We provide bay and bow window repair at our location or at your home courtesy of our partner contractors.

Get the best replacement bay window prices and top-notch local service at Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door in Milwaukee.

Visit our showroom or reach out to us for a bay/bow window quote:

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