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Storm Doors

Storm doors provide added protection from harsh weather and additional ventilation when it’s nice out. Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door is an authorized dealer for the best storm door brands in the industry. We have incredibly competitive pricing on new, replacement, and reclaimed storm doors.

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Types of storm doors

There are 3 main types of storm doors to consider:

  1. Full View (aka invisible storm door): A single panel glass door provides an unobstructed view of your entry door. May have interchangeable glass and screen panels.
  2. Retractable Screen (aka roll screen storm door): A rolled-up screen is stored at the top or bottom of the frame, out of sight until you need it.
  3. Ventilating: Storm doors with a full or half-screen panel in place behind the glass.

Storm doors are available in two standard sizes: 32” wide for rear/side entry doors and 36” wide for front entry doors. We can also custom order a storm door in any size you need.


Additional storm door features

Security storm doors have extra features including:

  • Impact-resistant glass
  • Steel frame with bars
  • One-way installation screws
  • Tamper-resistant hinges
  • Overlapping lockset plate

Pet-friendly storm doors have features to keep pets and their owners happy such as:

  • A built-in pet door or flap
  • Interior security panel to close off pet door
  • Extra-strong screen

If you have a pet it’s a good idea to think about their view from inside when choosing a storm door. Having a glass or screen panel they can see through can help prevent jumping at and scratching the door.

Double or French storm doors are sold as a pair of storm doors to go in front of French entry doors.

Patio storm doors come in sizes corresponding to standard patio doors. They have tempered glass, wraparound glazing and double weather stripping to keep your patio entry weather-tight.

You can also find storm doors with a mail slot, keyed locks, lock box, built-in blinds, decorative glass panels and many other options.


Storm door materials

The most popular material for storm door frames is aluminum. You can also find storm doors (security doors) made from steel for added security.

Wood frame storm doors are also available, and can be customized to match your home. Wood is a popular choice for historic homes.

Depending on the frame material, there are different color and finish options to choose from.


Storm door hardware

Lisbon Storm, Screen, & Door sells door parts and hardware, including everything you need to install or replace a storm door. If you’re looking for storm door installation service at your home, we can refer you to a trusted local contractor we’ve partnered with.


Storm door repair

Our Milwaukee location offers storm door repair – just bring it by and we’ll get started. We usually complete storm door repairs within 48 hours. For repair service at your home we can refer you to one of our reputable partner contractors.

Storm door installation

Lisbon Storm, Screen, & Door sells everything you need to install or replace a storm door. If you’re looking for storm door installation service at your home, we can refer you to a trusted local contractor we’ve partnered with.

Storm door replacement

Buy storm doors in Milwaukee

We have storm doors in stock at our Milwaukee store, and we also take credit card orders by phone. You can carry out or schedule delivery throughout southeast Wisconsin (sometimes farther). We offer incredibly competitive pricing and knowledgeable services to homeowners and trade professionals.

Contact Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door online or visit us in Milwaukee to shop storm doors.

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