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Replacing your entry doors is an easy way to improve home security, energy efficiency and curb appeal. We carry a wide range of exterior doors for all types of residential properties including pre-hung front doors, new construction entry doors, and vintage/reclaimed exterior doors. No matter what kind of exterior door options or design elements you have in mind, you’ll get the best pricing and service at Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door in Milwaukee.

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Types of exterior doors

Front doors

We offer extremely competitive pricing on single and double front doors from industry-leading brands including Marvin, Provia, Simpson, Homeguard and more.

Storm doors

Storm doors are installed on the outside of an exterior door to offer additional protection from severe weather. Storm doors feature a glass panel, weatherstripping, a lock and usually an interchangeable or retractable screen for added ventilation in nice weather.

Screen doors

Screen doors are made of a screen inside an aluminum, wood or vinyl housing and can be retractable or hinged.

Patio doors

Patio doors open onto a deck or patio. Sliding patio doors are the most common style, while French patio doors have a more elegant look and added security.

Security doors

As the name suggests, security doors offer extra protection against intruders and harsh weather. Security doors are typically an open metalwork door installed outside your entry door. Security door can also refer to a reinforced entry door with added safety features.

Pet-friendly exterior doors

Exterior doors with a pet door have a factory-installed flap opening so your dog or cat can go in and out. A security panel on the inside lets you block off the pet door when you need to.


Popular exterior door styles


Craftsman doors have a rectangular window at the top (usually with a grid or other decorative element) and panels below. Traditional Craftsman style entry doors are made from hardwood, but modern versions are available in composite wood and other materials.


Modern style exterior doors are minimalist with clean, crisp design elements like grooves, frosted glass lites or metal inserts.


Mid-century entry doors are a type of modern style entry doors. They’re inspired by the front door designs of suburban single-family homes in the ‘50s and ‘60s.


Rustic exterior doors have an old-world look and are typically made from hardwoods, though you can also find rustic style doors made from fiberglass. They can have design features like grilles, clavos, a dentil shelf or speakeasy opening.


French doors are a pair of entry doors hinged on either side and opening from the center. A popular choice for patios, French or double doors can also add drama and elegance to your main entrance.


Exterior door materials


Solid wood is the most popular material for exterior doors. Solid wood entry can be flush, paneled, or have glass lites.


Steel is also a popular choice for entry and storm doors. Steel exterior doors are strong and durable and available with fire-rated and energy-efficient cores.


Fiberglass doors stand up to harsh and changing weather conditions and aren’t subject to warping, rotting, rusting or scratches, making them a durable and low-maintenance option.


Iron entry doors can have a modern or traditional look, and almost always include glass lites with or without wrought iron decorative elements.


Full lite glass entry doors feature thermally-sealed tempered safety glass. Choose from clear, textured or decorative glass based on the amount of privacy and natural light you want.


Decorative elements for entry doors

Besides the entry door itself, you can install design features to add more visual interest. Sidelights are glass panels alongside the exterior door, and let more light into your entryway. A transom light is a window above the entry door.

You can also find arched entry doors or vintage-style entry doors featuring carved wood, metal grilles and other visual accents.


Exterior door hardware & parts

We carry a complete range of entry door hardware including locks, knobs, hinges, flashings and much more.

Exterior door installation

We offer entry door replacement and installation through our cherry-picked partner contractors. Learn more about our installation services.

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