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Milwaukee’s lowest prices on windows & doors

Almost wholesale pricing, direct to homeowners

Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door has incredibly competitive pricing every day of the year. There are no sales, special offers or fine print to look out for. We keep prices as low as we can all the time, so you can get the best value on replacement windows and doors with no expiration date.


Rock-bottom pricing on top-tier brands

The windows and doors for sale at big box home centers are NOT the same as windows and doors sold exclusively through dealers. You get a much higher-quality product when you buy through an authorized dealer. Better materials and construction mean more energy savings, a better warranty and a longer service life.

All we do is sell windows and doors, and we’ve been doing it for over half a century. You won’t find the same level of knowledge and service at a place that sells toilets, rock salt and lawn mowers.

As lifelong industry professionals, we’ve developed close relationships with the manufacturers we represent. We secure better prices and pass the savings on to our customers.


Products and services priced separately

We’re firm believers in clear and honest pricing. We’ll tell you up front exactly how much it costs for windows, doors and installation (if you need it).

Be wary of special offers like Buy One Get One Free or Replacement Windows with Free Installation. What looks like a huge discount always includes a markup to cover their costs: double your prices then take 50% off and voila – there’s your “deal”.


Replacement windows aren’t cheap

Too-good-to-be-true window prices mean one of two things: poor quality windows, or a bait-and-switch tactic to give you a sales pitch.

By the time they take measurements and explain all the energy-efficient options you’ll want, the price has gone up dramatically.

Pressure’s on? Deal’s off.

Think about it: why would a window dealer pressure you to commit right away? Because they don’t want you to do your research and find a better deal from a better company.

If you’re given a limited amount of time to “lock in” special pricing, keep looking. Replacing your windows or doors is a big investment, and you deserve to feel confident and comfortable in your decision.


You haven’t found the best deal until you’ve tried us

We recommend getting multiple quotes on replacement windows and doors. You’ll get a better understanding of the price range, and a better feeling for the dealers and installers in your area.

Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door is a locally-owned and operated family business with a retail store and showroom in Milwaukee. We offer transparent pricing and unbeatable service for trade professionals, rental property owners and householders. Check out our reviews on Google and get in touch today!

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