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Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two sliding sashes you can move up or down for venting at the top, bottom or both. We have new, used and replacement double hung windows for sale at our Milwaukee showroom and retail store.

Double-hung windows for sale in Milwaukee

Single-hung vs. double-hung windows

Single hung and double hung windows look a lot alike, but a single hung window only has one part that slides. With a single hung window, the upper glass panel is fixed in place and you can only raise or lower the bottom half. Double hung windows have two moving panels for better ventilation and easier cleaning.


Double-hung window benefits

In addition to improving ventilation, double hung windows are a great choice because they:

  • Safely accommodate a window AC unit
  • Have a classic look available in a wide range of styles, colors & finishes
  • Are easy to maintain (sashes tilt or remove for cleaning)
  • Stay flush with the wall when open (can be installed near a patio or walkway)

Because double hung windows are so popular, they’re available in a very wide range of sizes, styles and price points. Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door has a huge selection of double-hung windows including vintage/reclaimed products.

Double-hung window benefits

Double-hung window features & options

Double hung windows are available with different frame materials including:

  • Vinyl double-hung windows Vinyl
  • Fiberglass double-hung windows Fiberglass
  • Composite double-hung windows Composite
  • Wood double-hung windows Wood
  • Aluminum double-hung windows Aluminum

You can also find double hung windows with different style options like:

  • Double-hung windows with mullions Mullions
  • Double-hung windows with grids Grids
  • Double-hung windows with transom Transom
  • Double-hung windows with interior blinds Interior
  • Double-hung windows with sidelites Sidelights
  • Double-hung windows with full or half screen Half or
    Full Screen

We have a huge selection of double-hung windows and are happy to answer any questions about narrowing down your options. We can also order custom double-hung windows in any size or configuration you need.


Double-hung window brands

We carry double hung windows from the best brands in the industry, including Marvin, Silverline, Provia and more.

Just get in touch or come by our store in Milwaukee and we’ll help you select a brand that has the features you need at a price that works for your budget.


Are double-hung windows energy efficient?

Quality double hung windows can be extremely energy efficient when installed correctly. We carry only the best window brands, and work with the best window installers in the Milwaukee area.

Double-hung windows are available with double or triple-panes, argon gas insulation, and low-e coating to further boost energy efficiency in your home year round.


Double-hung window repair

We fix double hung windows at our Milwaukee store and can address pretty much any issue you’re facing, such as:

  • Balance spring replacement
  • Pane replacement
  • Seal repair
  • Replacement hardware
  • Double hung window falls shut/won’t stay up

If you prefer window repair at your home, we’ll connect you to one of our partner contractors. We’ve carefully selected the best professionals in the area and stand behind every job.

Used double-hung windows for sale in Milwaukee
Double-hung window installation service

Double-hung window installation

We keep double hung window installation as affordable as possible for our customers by selling the products and installation separately. Our in-house staff can give you pro tips for DIY installation if you’re comfortable doing so.

We work with a hand-picked selection of partner contractors offering professional double hung window installation. Your initial measurement and installation estimate is free. Visit or call us to get started!


Find double-hung windows for sale in Milwaukee

Visit our Milwaukee showroom to browse double-hung windows and get expert guidance. We also take phone orders and deliver throughout the metro region (and farther for larger orders).

Contact us online with questions about double-hung windows or to request a free quote:

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