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Casement Windows

Casement windows have hinges on one side and swing outward or inward to open. Casement windows are a great choice for harder-to-reach spots like over a kitchen sink. We have new, used and replacement casement windows for sale at our Milwaukee showroom and retail store.

Casement windows for sale in Milwaukee

There are three main styles of casement window:

Single frame casement windows are the most popular kind, consisting of a single frame.

Double casement windows are a pair of casement windows with hinges on opposite sides so they swing outward from the middle. Also called French casement windows.

Push out casement windows have a handle you turn so they can be opened with a gentle push, instead of a crank (which is more common).

Both single and double casement windows can be installed inswing or outswing. The opening mechanism can be manual or automated.


Casement window materials & options

Casement windows are available in a range of materials including vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, composite and wood. You can get casement windows with or without a screen.

Casement window panes are typically a single large pane for clean sightlines. But casement windows also come with multiple glass panels (lites).

Many homeowners choose casement windows with matching picture windows and/or transoms, but they also look great on their own.

Looking for something special? We can special order custom casement windows in practically any style or size you need.

Casement window materials and options

Casement window brands

We carry casement windows from leading manufacturers including Marvin, Silverline, Provia and more.

We’ve been dealing in casement windows for decades and are happy to help you find the best brand, style and material for your home and budget.


Casement window advantages & disadvantages

Casement windows have a lot going for them:

  • Clean, elegant appearance
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Unobstructed view
  • Open fully
  • Outswing captures more side breezes
  • Secure and strong
  • Highly energy efficient (second only to picture windows)

Possible drawbacks of casement windows:

  • Can cost more than other window styles (though style is not the only price factor)
  • Have more hardware which may require maintenance or replacement over the years
  • Limited widths available
  • Not compatible with window-mounted air conditioners or garden boxes

Buy casement windows in Milwaukee or call to order

We can order any type of casement window you need. Once your windows arrive you can carry them out, or we can provide casement window delivery to your home or job site in the greater Milwaukee area and beyond. We also offer onsite casement window repair, and installation through our cherry-picked partner contractors.

You’ll find the best replacement casement window prices and expert local service at Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door in Milwaukee.

Visit our showroom or get in touch with us for a casement window quote:

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