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There's something special about a Woodharbor door. Maybe its the premium hardwoods ... or perhaps its the smooth, rich finish ... or maybe it's the way Woodharbor doors and Woodharbor cabinetry and Woodharbor millworks all blend together to create a beautiful, harmonious home ... a Woodharbor home.

With Woodharbor, you are assured the finest craftsmanship and finish for all interior wood products in your home. From doors to fireplace mantels to cabinetry, choosing Woodharbor means you have chosen wisely.

Come down to Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door and take a look!

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A division of Woodharbor, PrairieLake provides high-quality interior doors to the Milwaukee area - available at Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door.

Stiles and rails are crafted from composite-core that is specifically engineered for stability to eliminate natural wood movement (warping, twisting and bowing).

Premium grades of North American hardwoods (solid woods and veneers) are selected and matched across the face of the door.

All PrairieLake Panel doors are available in a full complement of matched door types.

PrairieLake Doors are available with a variety of jamb options and a beautiful selection of hinge finishes.

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Milwaukee PrairieLake Interior Doors
Owens Interior Doors Milwaukee

Owens (formerly WOODPORT®)

Our WOODPORT® interior doors are the perfect choice for your home, complementing your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, basement or closet space. WOODPORT® doors are both functional and stylish, allowing privacy between rooms and accenting your overall décor.

WOODPORT® hardwood doors are the creation of Heritage Veneered Products, based in Shawano, Wisconsin. Using a combination of beautiful wood and uniquely engineered components, our stile and rail doors are unmatched in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

WOODPORT® solid engineered doors are individually designed, assembled and handled with care. In-depth inspections are conducted throughout our manufacturing process to ensure that only the highest quality products are shipped from our facility.

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Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door brings the finest SIGNAMARK® interior doors to Milwaukee.

Whether you are new to SIGNAMARK® or are already familiar with our beautiful and unique products, we're sure you'll find our new SIGNAMARK® door collection to be an exciting and innovative alternative for interior door applications.

Responding to the latest changes in the building and home marketplace, SIGNAMARK® takes great pride in introducing the most beautiful and comprehensive selection of decorative glass doors in the industry today.

SIGNAMARK® doors are designed to bring you years of trouble-free beauty and enjoyment. Our success in providing you with the very finest custom-crafted products is based on our total commitment to quality.

Your selection of SIGNAMARK® door system represents a mark of excellence that will be admired by everyone who visits your home for years to come. SIGNAMARK® doors offer you an intelligent choice for enhancing both the beauty and value of your home.

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Signamark Interior Doors Milwaukee