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Both Traditional and Modern at the Same Time.

Window makers of an earlier era got a lot of things right. Sophisticated lines, profiles and proportions never go out of style. Marvin's Ultimate Double Hung combines state-of-the-art window design with a classic style of the past.

New advancements in engineering make Ultimate Double Hung windows simple to open. Marvin's exclusive integrated tilt level lock allows the sash to be tilted in or removed for easy cleaning. And with so many options for sash sizes, glazing and lite patterns, you can dream up the ultimate window, and Marvin can build it.

Milwaukee Double Hung Windows from Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door.

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Built for Ease in Your Milwaukee Home

This traditional favorite is as easy to operate as it is beautiful. We have engineered simple-to-use tilt-and-remove mechanisms ans sash that operate easily thanks to one-piece Ultrex® jambs. The jambs are paintable, and when paired with our beautiful solid wood, offer an incomparable interior. The Integrity Double Hung offers an interior sill prepped for a stool, a profiled accent ledge for lifting the bottom sash. This classic window is ideal for new construction as well as remodeling.

This double hung window is tough. The majority of our double hung sizes now exceed a structural design pressure 30 rating.

Our double hungs can be paired with picture windows, other double hungs, transoms, polygons or round tops to create almost any assembly imaginable. Both factor mulling and field mulling kits are offered. Windows come with their own screens, standard.

Integrity Double Hung Windows From Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door.

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Milwaukee Integrity Double Hung Windows
Provia Double Hung Windows Milwaukee


If your needs include Double Hung windows, Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door is your choice. We offer three quality built Sugarcreek series to chose from. Compare the construction and features of each and select the one that's right for you.

All Double Hung Windows Include the Following Standard Features:

  • Sunshield® Vinyl
  • 3¼" Frame Depth
  • Aluminum Reinforced Sash
  • ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing System
  • Extruded Sloped Sill
  • 7/8" Insulating Glass
  • Exterior Glazing
  • Dual Sweep Locks at 31" and Wider
  • Ergonomically Designed Tilt Latches
  • 2 Ventilation Limit Latches
  • Color Matched Balance Covers
  • Color Matched Balance Covers
  • Locking Pivot Bars
  • Extruded Aluminum Half Screen with Fiberglass Mesh

Available Provia Double Hung Window Colors from Milwaukee's Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door

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Silver Line Double Hung Windows Milwaukee